Inspecting Equipment

home-inspection-equipmentCheckTech Inspections is committed to providing you with the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available. We utilize the latest and most high-tech inspecting instruments and equipment. CheckTech Inspections inspects all the visually accessible systems, components and structures from the foundation to the roof. Our inspectors will answer any questions that concern you and will explain how your home systems operate in terms that can be easily understood.

Our extensive training and experience allows us to provide a more thorough inspection and better report. All inspection reports include digital photos and are delivered via electronic mail within 24 hours. We encourage you to compare our extensive training and experience, professional certifications, Texas state licenses and our large assortment of professional inspecting equipment with any other company in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

We don’t just show up with a clipboard, pencil and flashlight. CheckTech Inspections prides itself on being an industry leader and bringing the latest trends of technology right to your home. We use thermal (infrared) imaging cameras, moisture meters, combustible gas leak detectors, laser thermometers, voltage detectors, circuit analyzers and a host of other tools and devices to specifically assess your home. Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible to the human eye; it’s the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Thermal (infrared) imaging cameras form images using infrared radiation in a manner similar to the way a conventional camera forms images using visible light. Different colors correspond to different temperatures, so an inspector is able to identify areas that are abnormally hot or cold. Thermal cameras can greatly aid in identifying areas that need further investigation.

A moisture meter is an instrument used to detect moisture content in materials. We use moisture meters as a confirmation tool to further evaluate areas of interest. A gas leak detector is a device which detects the presence of various gases within an area. This type of device is important because there are many gases that can be harmful to organic life, such as humans or animals. If an inspector detects an unusual odor, this tool can help identify the location of a gas leak.

Laser infrared (IR) thermometers use infrared technology to quickly and conveniently measure the surface temperature of objects. They provide fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. IR thermometers allow inspectors to measure hot, unsafe or hard-to-reach surfaces. Voltage testers use non-contact voltage detection technology for the detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires.

Circuit analyzers allow our inspectors to check accessible outlets for open grounds, open neutral, open hot, hot and grounds reversed. They also allow testing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) circuit protection devices for proper operation.


CheckTech Inspections has the experience, knowledge, professional training and specialized equipment to provide an in-depth, quality inspection for your home. Call (512) 626-8043 to discuss your questions or concerns, and to schedule an inspection.